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Peru Recap Video!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Hi everyone! We returned from our medical service trip to Piura, Peru, and wanted to share a recap video of our impact. When we arrived, we toured the local facilities, such as the hospice center, trade school, medical clinics, and grade school. After this, we got to work, kicking off our first day with our field medical clinic. We spent the day translating for the three physicians, who saw 300 total patients. We continued seeing this number of patients for the next three days, ultimately treating a total of 1,200 patients! We saw various conditions, such as Dengue fever, high blood pressure, cerebral palsy, vitamin deficiencies, vision loss, adrenal hypoplasia, and cardiac murmurs. Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to engage with the local community by making food packages and building a house. We started the morning by filling 100 food packages and delivering some to families living in the pueblos outside of Piura. In the afternoon, we constructed a house for a family whose previous one was destroyed by heavy rains. Finally, we visited the local girls home to distribute one year's worth of menstrual products on Friday. We spoke to them, distributed the sanitary pads, received a tour of their home and school, and played a spirited volleyball game. By the end of the week, our group saw 1,200 patients over four days, constructed two homes, made 100 food packages, and distributed one year's worth of menstrual products. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel to Peru to expand our impact to a global level. Thank you all for supporting the We R Love medical service trip in Piura, Peru! We greatly appreciate all of your aid thus far, and stay tuned for future projects!

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